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Let us show you how we can help you streamline, optimize and automate your everyday marketing operations, critical marketing workflows and project management operations on Salesforce. Benefits include:

Reduce lag time between tasks

Provide an at-a-glance real-time dashboard over the status of work

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Increase visibility over who is doing what when

Enforce compliance and control

Improve resource management and decision making

Eliminate bottlenecks

Keep things on schedule to meet SLAs and KPIs


Design Marketing Processes

  • Build a complete playbook for your marketing operations.
  • Use a graphical, drag-and-drop, wizard-driven workflow for marketing users with no formal development training.
  • Address the full spectrum of processes, from fully automated to ad hoc.
  • Design interconnected, hierarchical, and consolidated combinations of marketing and sales processes.
  • Define rules to manage multiple automated reminders and escalations.
  • Build processes with any number of sub-process levels.
  • Add actions at any point in a process, including database updates, sending emails, call web services, etc.

Leverage what your marketing department already knows

Smart Step properties increase the “smarts” of the person responsible for completing a step.

  • Include knowledge from FAQs or other sources to assist the user in completing the step, including instructions, checklists, and other reference material, like step analytics and step expert contact information.
  • Provide everything related to the step in one place, including Chatter, files, Gantt, Process, calendar, time, files, reminders, escalations, issues, data, skills, history, etc.
  • Allow marketing users to easily update step information to keep the reference material constantly up-to-date.

Marketing Form Designer

  • Build multi-page workflow forms that include complex logic.
  • Use Conditional logic to hide and display fields.
  • Immediate deployment adapted to the device on which it is rendered.
  • Add Lightning components as needed.
  • Available on any device.
  • Build a form once and reuse it anywhere.
  • Runs independently from the workflow or integrates with workflows.

Leverage for the marketing department

  • Create custom approval and workflow functionality without writing code.
  • Use point-and-click to create, update or delete records, send emails, create and assign issues to be resolved, run an Apex script, or set variables for use in other actions.
  • Multiple actions can be strung together to create an action sequence similar in concept to an Excel macro.
  • Automate proposal processes – keep the team accountable.


Marketing or Onboarding Process Manager

Track the progress of processes, and make adjustments as needed on the fly.

  • Track progress against SLA and KPI thresholds, and get warning of potential problems.
  • Modify processes in a controlled environment (maintaining governance, compliance and control) without halting these processes as they run in production, including skipping, re-sequencing and adding steps, restarting branches, and changing business rules.
  • Maintain as many versions of a process as needed, and control which version is live at any point in time without halting or interfering with existing instances of the process.

Task Manager

Better manage tasks – INSIDE Why spend on a separate project management platform?

  • Build Kanban user interfaces for access to tasks.
  • Each task card provides access to its related Chatter, forms, content, checklists, etc.
  • Log time for each task.
  • Include Salesforce tasks and tasks that are generated by external systems.
  • Start processes, add tasks and issues, select forms for data entry.

Get rid of giant XLS spreadsheets – eliminate Excel Hell!

Enhance knowledge worker productivity by helping them manage the unpredictable, ad hoc processes.

  • Converge all case information, including data, content and processes, in a single location with fast, simple access to the complete, contextual picture.
  • Make recommendations on next best actions, based on predefined rules, custom algorithms, or contextual information.
  • Allow workers to modify case progression and initiate ad hoc tasks based on the tasks at hand.
  • Using “Design by Doing” technology, turn ad hoc work of a successful case into a repeatable best practice for reuse in similar situations.
  • Access audit trails that provide the history of all content, data, process events and collaborations in the context of the case.

Improve project and process reporting

Knowing the real-time status of work is critical to ensuring that work is getting done.

  • Provide holistic status visibility over all the steps in multiple processes without having to navigate through multiple screens.
  • Provide a real-time understanding of what work is being done across the organization, thereby providing the insight needed to track and prioritize work effectively.
  • See all or filtered steps from any number of processes a consolidated Gantt chart with filtering by e.g. responsibility, step, dates, etc.
  • Get an early warning of potential problems by tracking status trends.

Project Manager

Know when tasks are expected to start and end for management and planning.

  • Turn any process into a project by adding dates to tasks and viewing the process in a Gantt view.
  • Track planned, revised and actual start/end dates.
  • Identify the critical path through a process.
  • Track milestones.
  • See all the tasks for all projects in a single Gantt view.
  • Change durations and automatically ripple subsequent dates.

Do you have the resources to hit your deadlines?

Identify resources with the right skills at the right time.

  • Create resource pools.
  • Track resource availability and utilization.
  • Assign users to tasks based on availability.
  • Forecast and predict workloads.
  • Track time with time logging.
  • Maintain a skills/attributes database.

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