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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can optimize and streamline every step of your marketing funnel – from lead capture, nurturing, sales hand-off and then all the way to opportunity creation.

Every step of the marketing process can be improved – including testing, segmentation, lead scoring and analysis. Leading marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Act-On and Eloqua are powerful – but useless unless used by trained marketing personnel.

To fully leverage the power of marketing automation, it takes power users – backed by consistent, compelling content – to produce powerful results.


If you are looking for marketing automation talent, it can be a challenge to find trained professionals to manage leads and operate the software. Developing compelling content as well as an effective process requires talented copywriters and designers that also understand the intricacies of CRM and segmentation models.  More important than blasting emails to strangers is having a plan as well as process and alignment, especially as it relates to:

Target markets, buyer personas and messaging
Understanding the sales process and sales cycle
Understanding the sales funnel concept and buy-cycle stages
Understanding the demand generation and lead nurturing process
Agreeing to criteria for buy-cycle stages, including lead scoring thresholds and sales-ready events and triggers
Understanding and agreeing to the handoff between marketing and sales with respect to criteria and CRM integration
Feedback (or closed loop marketing) to the marketing automation system (and team) based on sales engagements and status updates


Increase the number and percentage of qualified leads passed to sales
Increase conversion rates for demand generation and lead nurturing
Reduce the number of leads lost and missed sales opportunities
Automatically move leads through the sales funnel based on the content they consume and interactions with your emails and website
Reduce the sales cycle and churn, while increasing lifetime value
Improve the overall effectiveness of both sales and marketing teams
Enable Revenue Performance Management to track revenue-based KPIs and ROI

Macon Raine is a Chicago-based automated marketing and CRM agency known for expertise and leadership with marketing automation software. Our team of designers, writers, and CRM analysts works with you to automate your marketing processes. We do this by following a well-defined marketing automation process we call the “Raine Machine.”

This includes the following services:

Ideation of campaigns
Creation of emails, landing pages and confirmation pages
Development of personalized content, calls-to-action and progressive (or smart forms)
Optimization of calls-to-action on content pages including blogs and social media
Ongoing testing of all elements of campaigns
Customization of lead scoring criteria based on a prospect’s interaction with email, webpages and other information provided via forms
Workflows that automatically adjust based on prospect behavior
Integration with CRM so the marketing and sales organization work from “one version of the truth”
Attribution and KPI tracking


Macon Raine is a Chicago-based marketing automation agency that helps small companies grow. We provide clients with marketing execution and a result everyone knows how to measure: more new customers. We do it with smart inbound and outbound marketing that finds the shortest and quickest path to new revenue.