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Macon Raine is a rare mix – they have a complete understanding of the sales function as well as a unique and complete understanding of the marketing function. The firm focuses on providing measurable results by aligning sales and marketing to ensure that prospects are moved into the pipeline in a qualified fashion. The firm can then help enhance relationships, convert sales and provide great PR, branding, and awareness within highly targeted B2B communities.

-Coley Perry, Manager – NA Insurance at Capgemini

Why Macon Raine?

We have worked in every part of the marketing and revenue pipeline and have completed hundreds of projects in technology, higher education, and financial services. With Macon Raine as your partner, you can tap into the specialized competencies you need from accomplished marketers outside your organization — precisely when you need them.

Consider us a high-impact contributor, giving you superior value through a combination of proven experience, flexible solutions, and competitive rates. And because of our highly flexible and collaborative approach, we can tailor the number of hours and duration of projects and engagements to meet your unique requirements and situation. So talk to us about your key initiatives and marketing challenges, and we’ll provide the right team of full-stack marketing professionals to help.

-Ben Bradley, Founder & Creative Director

“Macon Raine has been a highly valued partner of ours for many years. They bring a level of energy and passion to understanding our business and support that is unmatched. Their expertise in B2B marketing has helped drive meaningful and sustained growth in our marketing efforts and positioning our brand in the market. They get the job done and go above and beyond expectations.”

-Frank Stornello, Verifi, Inc.

“I have worked with Macon Raine for more than 8 years. They are my go-to experts for lead generation, content development, strategy and CRM. They take extra steps to ensure our messages are reaching the right buyer. No matter what they do, they always add value.”

Vince Mazza, GuardStreet

“Call it marketing, call it sales, call it PR, call it product management. Call it whatever you want.

All I know is that it works.” –Michael Kiefer, Brand Protect

“Macon Raine is smart people doing smart marketing — they understand our business, are never afraid to tell us what they really think, and are courageous about execution. We love the team’s enthusiasm, energy, focus, and passion for our business.”

“Shortly after raising an important round of funding (and while we were hiring our in-house marketing team), we hired Macon Raine to jump in and get a lot of things done quick – from PPC, Pardot, social media, email marketing, partner program development, content development, analytics and more. They have the technical and industry skill set to understand our market without wasting time and they have a staff that is both broad and deep when it comes to the kind of flexible, fractional marketing staffing we needed to get things done. In three short months, they finished a mammoth punch list so we didn’t lose any time.”

– Stewart McGrath, Founder,

“Ben worked with us in developing a lead strategy that yielded results in week 1 of the roll out. Very Impressive!! Ben’s strategic vision and communications skills ensured a rapid deployment. Thanks & Well Done Ben!!!”

-Doug Payne, president, NuLogX Inc

“My college is very expensive & my dad works very hard. He gets up every morning at 4:30 AM and works until 6 so he can get home every night for dinner with the family. Call him so I can afford to go to med school!”

-Maddy Bradley, Daughter of Ben Bradley

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