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Macon Raine is a Chicago B2B marketing agency.

If you need to hire an agency, contact us.

If you are looking for a job and hate stock photography and want work-life balance and/or a dog-friendly culture, get in touch.



So what do we do?

As a B2B marketing agency that specializes in practical, expedient campaigns, we help clients with small budgets grow into clients with big budgets. To do this, we develop agile marketing, selling and demand creation strategies and campaigns. We identify key performance indicators. We configure technology to “support and report” on the strategy. We implement those strategies and create demand. We show you what is working then improve it.

If you are a marketing unicorn looking for a work-life balance and a dog-friendly, flexible culture, get in touch.

We’re a small agency with less than 10 people – everybody helps with everything. We like being small and working with clients we like.

We’re hiring. We’re looking for a full-stack marketer with growth hacking, graphic design, copywriting, marketing automation, content promotion, WordPress development, certifications and/or biz dev skills. It would also help if you can pat your head while rubbing your stomach in a circular pattern while presenting a new content strategy to a client’s executive team.

LOL, obviously, there is no single person out there that has all these skills. Most of us only have two or three of the above so get in touch now if you are good at any one or more of these things.

Our typical positions have the following responsibilities:

  • Help our clients find new customers using innovative marketing tactics.
  • Work directly with clients to understand their business, marketing, and reporting requirements, and translate those into effective sales/marketing strategies and solutions.
  • Identify and drive opportunities at the intersection of lead generation, thought leadership, branding, marketing, selling, management, and technology.
  • Provide tracking and metrics to communicate activity to clients.
  • Harness marketing techniques to drive awareness for clients in their target markets.
  • Work with a client’s marketing communications team to manage the delivery of content, campaigns, and other programs.
  • Drive web traffic and leads for clients with content, PPC, native advertising, and marketing automation tools.

To learn more, contact our office manager at  Send a resume, samples of your writing, a picture of your dog, and something interesting that shows us how you communicate. Don’t call. Seriously. Please don’t call – during the day, clients get all our attention.

Working as a freelancer and want to grow?

If work-life balance is important AND if you are a marketing unicorn in transition, a professional freelancer, or a small design shop/web development studio, discover the possibilities of growing faster and scaling your business by joining a unique B2B marketing agency.

Instead of facing the many challenges of being an independent small business owner, consider merging your business with Macon Raine. We have a great business development process and channels that ensure a steady flow of new business and we need your help to support our controlled growth.

To learn more, contact Ben Bradley (ben @