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Interactive White Papers

Interactive White Papers: A Brief Explanation

How would you like to increase time on site? Improve middle of the funnel content value and conversions? Spend less time creating content? And, at the same time, dramatically improve the quality of leads coming from your website?

Sound good? Then interactive white papers may be what you are looking for.

By definition, a white paper is an in-depth report on a specific topic that examines a problem and then offers a solution. From a marketing perspective, its purpose is to educate a certain audience about an issue. 

The problem with white papers is that they are linear and very difficult to personalize based on the reader’s individual situation. As a result, this lack of personalization means that many white papers fail to deliver the intended impact.

What if you wanted your content to be extremely useful to your prospective buyers? What if you could combine the content of a white paper with the diagnostic ability of a survey and a benchmarking study?

By combining these elements, static content can be transformed with a new dimension of engagement. Based on a standard white paper that already explores a subject in great detail, an interactive version invites users to participate in the information experience. Condensed and usually including an assessment, these types of interactive content can also contain a survey, calculator or some sort of knowledge test. With one or a variety of these tools at work, the user influences the paper’s content and gains a deeper understanding of the subject matter at the same time.

Benefits of Interactive White Papers

One of the best benefits of interactive white papers is that it combines the kind of information readers demand from static white papers and ebooks while offering important and personalized data back to the reader in a more user-friendly format. It also helps the marketer better understand the individual decision-making criteria of your prospects. In the process of educating readers, you can tell a precise story that is directly derived from each user’s answers. Because of this design, you’ll have richer profile building and lead scoring with the data that’s collected.

Interactive white papers offer endless creative possibilities. There are any number of ways you can reformat an existing white paper to turn it into an interactive version, depending on your goals. In fact, converting a white paper into an interactive form is a great way to recycle your content. Not only do interactive white papers provide a fresh approach that both informs and entertains users, they deliver much more in-depth data for your future marketing efforts.

Want to know more about interactive white papers? Want to brainstorm a few ideas? If so, give us a call or contact us.