Are you thinking about building a brand spanking new website?

If so, don’t.

A massive overhaul of your website will be expensive and probably a waste of money.

It takes 3-9 months.  It is A LOT of work.

With a website redesign, there are usually two main problems that you are trying to solve:

  • Not enough traffic.
  • Not enough leads.

It’s best to start by tackling the first problem. Before you start generating more traffic, work with the traffic you have. If you have 1000 site visits per month and you currently get only one lead per month, improving your conversion funnel should be the first goal. Doing a redesign is simply kicking the can down the road 3 to 9 months. There is no point doing a redesign OR adding more traffic if your website doesn’t convert and your conversion funnel is broken.

If you care about leads, your best chance of improving lead generation is by doing LESS.

Your website should evolve over time. It adapts and improves based on the insights you measure. New insights then fuels iterative performance improvements. This cycle repeats every month as the website is fine-tuned and conversion improves.

This iterative redesign is cheaper and faster than a site redesign and launch. If you are already using Google Analytics, you can use the insights gleaned from your current site to inform your improvements NOW.

What can you do NOW to convince people to fill out a form, call, buy, or download?

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