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Brand Storytelling

Stuck in your content marketing? Looking for content marketing ideas?

With brand storytelling, don’t sit in a room brainstorming without data.

Instead of building content and hoping customers will magically arrive, install a search bar on your website and review the search queries that people are actually using on your site. Armed with actual search strings, develop content that fills the demand.

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Respond to user demand for content by approaching your brainstorming armed with data about the things your prospects want and need. What are the top searches on your website? What do visitors need that you are not providing?

Aligning content with the buyer’s journey is a critical part of filling your sales funnel.

Some call it storytelling for marketing, we call it “demand-driven content marketing.” In other words, we find a need or demand for content and then work quickly backward to fill the need.

When thinking about a prospect’s demand for information, it helps to understand the three types of web search inquiries:

Navigational or “I want to visit a specific website”
Informational or “I want to find something somewhere on a website”
Transactional or “I want to buy or do something specific”

As with all things, demand for a keyword or keyword phrase reduces the supply, which in turn, increases the costs associated with owning that keyword in both organic and paid search.

As Google’s army of brainiacs fine tunes search to make it more relevant for users, the onus is on marketers to fill the demand for relevancy by creating content that exactly satisfies the prospect’s need for information (for one approach, learn about interactive white papers).

Break out of writer’s block with brand storytelling tools

There are a number of great tools that combine science with the art of storytelling in business. Here are a few of our favorites:

By using your insight and creative search strategies, it is relatively easy to find real opportunities for content marketing.

By responding to content demand, you learn customer’s’ needs through a process of keen observation and interpretation of their wants and needs. Leveraging this insight in content marketing leads to breakthrough content, improved lead generation (and thus, marketing) performance.

Responding to customer demands and competitive pressure can become a great source of market advantage. With demand-side innovation, customers and prospects become a central element of product and service design. This process achieves breakthrough content in shorter content development cycles.

If you’ve read this and still have writer’s block, give us a call. We can help you with content development and search optimization of your content streams. We’ll fill that demand with meaningful content that will speed the sales cycle and show measurable results.

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