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Using Keywords to Refine your B2B Content Strategy

B2B content marketing definition: A strategic marketing technique centered on developing and distributing beneficial and relevant content to attract and maintain a defined targeted audience with the goal of driving the visitor in the direction of a profitable outcome.  

Using keywords to refine your content marketing strategy in 2018 is how to have a successful content strategy plan. The way people use the internet is changing and the way content is displayed in search engines is also changing by updated search engine algorithms.  Therefore, it is important to use relevant keywords in your content to help increase organic traffic to your webpage.

How to Create a Refined B2B Content Strategy

Content marketing logically applied will provide the organic traffic you desire to have, and therefore is why it makes sense to use relevant keywords to refine your content strategy.

Identify your buyers by researching your target audience. Your content needs to be based on what your buyers or visitors want or need, and identifying the type of person who may be interested in what you offer is what you need to figure out.  The best way to understand your audience is to create buyer personas – fictional, general representations of your most ideal customers.  Developing buyers’ personas will enable you to understand your customers better by making it simpler for you to customize content to the precise needs, habits, and issues of these visitors or potential customers.

Develop a keyword list according to your buyer persona’s frequent search terms.  If you would like to obtain organic traffic from your content marketing, you need to cover topics that your customers or visitors are looking for. Once you identify what your audience is looking for you can use those keywords in the content to help you get more organic traffic to your webpage.  You can create beneficial content by knowing your niche.  

Additionally, choosing keywords that your audience searches for keywords that are called longtail keywords which easily target and define a niche like an espresso coffee machine instead of a coffee maker.  You can include other longtail keywords like coffee for espresso coffee machines or top espresso machines.

Once, you figure out a topic your target audience wants, you can research the topic or niche in depth and provide a lot of relevant content utilizing keywords, LSI keywords and longtail keywords to help increase the organic traffic to the page.  Doing this, search engines may rank your page as a page providing relevant content a visitor would want to read.  For more information click here to learn more about Content Development and Copywriting.

Using keywords to fine tune your B2B content strategy is a simple process that takes time to do the research to develop content worthwhile for Google and other search engines to display in search results.  The result is providing content that produces results.  This is an easy method and a white hat SEO tactic (avoid these SEO techniques) to help get ranked while providing better content for your visitor.  For using keywords to refine content strategy, contact us today for more information!

Why Choose Macon Raine for B2B Content Development?

Content is the centerpiece of everything we do.

Leveraging our years of experience in journalism, direct response copywriting and marketing, we provide writing and editing capabilities in order to produce both digital and print publications including websites, direct marketing collateral, white papers, newsletters, presentations, speeches.

SEO is never an afterthought. Our content services weave strategic SEO keywords into every document. Visitors to your website that are not nurtured over time with content that builds trust and showcases your authority on a topic will not convert.

Our staff is able to deliver a wide range of writing styles, ranging from technical/scientific writing to journalistic news writing.

Our specific content development services include:

  • White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Web Copy
  • Direct Response Copy
  • Executive Speeches
  • Bylined Articles
  • Sales Letters

At its core, it’s really about connecting people.

When you know your audience, good content leaves your audience feeling all warm and fuzzy. It strikes a nerve. It provokes deeper thought. Strategic storytelling brings big ideas to life and helps your audiences understand, learn and engage as they move toward conversion and action.

Whether it’s clicking, completing a form, or calling – engagement happens by understanding the emotional buying triggers of your audience. With our broad domain expertise, our creative content development team strategically crafts specific types of engagement motivators and calls to action that align with your unique purchasing process.

Your buyers are more selective than ever. They are bombarded with ads, emails, banners, skywriters and more.

Overly promotional content is noise that is often rejected in favor of that which provides real value and utility. Branded content showcases your thought leadership, builds your credibility, establishes trust and provides legitimate opportunities to earn links,shares, social voites and new business.

Are you ready to develop a powerful content marketing plan that meets your business objectives and aligns with your SEO objectives? We’re ready to become your content partner and help you grow your business and boost your profits at the same time.

Why Choose Macon Raine for B2B Content Development?

  • RESULTS: Our experience with complex B2B marketing campaigns means we have the in-house expertise to create content for virtually any industry
  • BROAD REACH: In addition to creating content, we also consistently publish, distribute, and measure content. Our goal is to expand your digital footprint, increase website traffic, and drive online leads and conversions.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTISE: We have thought leaders in the industry who regularly present on a variety of topics.
  • METHODOLOGY: Our Six Step process drives all our content marketing services – starting from the health of your CRM all the way through to strategy to closed sales.