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Marketing Unicorns Found in Small Full Stack Agencies

Our culture’s obsession with unicorns is nothing new. These mythical animals were implanted in European lore ages ago, and people have laid claim to their magical powers for centuries. Today, spotting a unicorn is about finding something extremely rare. A startup that gets a billion dollar valuation? It’s in the “unicorn club”. Found the perfect guy/girl? Congratulations, you have yourself a unicorn relationship! Found an agency with a blend of  marketing, technology and analytic skills? Hey, that’s us!

How Do You Find Fractional Marketing Unicorns?

Admittedly, finding a fractional marketing unicorn isn’t exactly easy. Instead of hiring a single unicorn – a fractional marketing unicorn is a small agency one that possesses many skills – CRM, web development, copywriting, PPC, SEO, email outreach, marketing automation, graphic design, and more. CMOs search in vain for this archetype—they aren’t exactly falling off trees. Our fractional marketing unicorns support our clients growth objectives using what we call the upper case “M” marketing strategy.

The upper case “M”  Marketing Strategy

When you compare a the lower case “m” to the upper case “M”, it’s clear there is more breadth and depth in the capital —because of bigger horizontal and vertical dimensions— to the “M”. The traditional marketing agency—we’ll call it the “m”arketer, in lower case— is one that, in all likelihood, isn’t small enough to be agile and to respond quickly to changing marketing conditions. Because they maintain a large bench of talent, they cost a fortune to provide the blended services needed to maximize return for their clients. 

In contrast, “M”arketers represent a rare breed, the marketing unicorns that are contextually aware with a rigorous, prioritized plan that’s adaptable to the changing marketing landscape.

The scope of the expertise has expanded from a more narrow specialization (“m”) to a broader expertise (“M”), where talent in marketing, analytics, databases, devops, integrations, and  brand storytelling overlaps with the customer journey.

A Fractional Marketing Agency in the Unicorn Club

Our tightly-knit, fractional marketing team of unicorns can support a wide-range industry challenges and are ready to cultivate new business alliances. Read the testimonials to find out how other businesses have partnered with our team to can enhance their brand and increase revenue and market share.

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