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Can’t find a unicorn? Try fractional marketing talent

Need a full-stack marketer but having trouble finding one? Consider job sharing — splitting the role into several part-time jobs with fractional marketing talent or a small agency that specializes in delivering the exact skill sets you need (see our recent article: full-stack marketing unicorns found in small, agile agencies).

The secret to success

When bringing on a team of fractional talent, or  small agile agency, communication between the team is critical. Ideally, each person should easily communicate, collaborate and be able to disagree with the others as these kind of arrangements are about prioritizing work and crisp hand-offs. Culture is also important. A flexible culture and emphasis on work-life balance is attractive to marketers – and that means you benefit from a talented, loyal and cost effective team.

Someone needs to lead

There are lots of ways to slice up any given marketing effort. It is mandatory that someone be in charge and have complete ownership over project management and deliverables.


When a multiple fractional employees are combined into a single FTE, as a team, the goal is to “mind-meld” – each person in the group must know what the others are doing, over-communicate and agree on priorities. In addition, work standardization (where is this document filed? What is the status of this deliverable?) should be understood and process should be followed. Nothing should be unspoken, everything needs to be crisp and explicit.

Manage expectations

When three or four people are sharing the same job, the little things matter.  Everyone should know how to reach everyone – some teams used a shared email address or collaboration tools like Slack to manage communication. 


Macon Raine works with companies that need more than a freelancer and less than an agency. In our engagements, we help you improve marketing ROI by giving you access to a small, full-stack marketing team with expertise in technology, content and analytics. Because our engagements are on-demand, we eliminate time-consuming recruiting – we get to work quickly with lower costs, lower risks and FASTER results.


We work with companies in a variety of industries – start-ups, fast growing companies, and companies that want to reinvent their brand – companies who need the talent and insight of a full stack marketing team but do not want the associated overhead of a permanent hire. We do our best work for small and mid-market companies as well as small, autonomous divisions of bigger organizations.


When you partner with Macon Raine, you get access to a small, agile team that has achieved success across a wide range of businesses, countries and regions.

Even better, we can understand your business and assess your marketing pain faster and more accurately than a recruiter. And since we are contractors, you don’t have to worry about on-boarding a permanent hire.


If you like the idea of working with a small team of marketers that knows your industry, let’s talk.