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How to hire a marketing unicorn

Trying to hire a marketing unicorn?

Looking for that double or triple threat marketer? Someone with marketing, technology and analytic skills? We’re looking for that same person, too. Finding a marketing unicorn is hard – those disparate skills in a single person are in short supply. And, new technology is introduced every day – so finding someone current with all the new shiny objects makes the hunt even harder.

If you can’t find a single unicorn, experts recommend four approaches:

Roll your own – with the abundance of training and certification opportunities, many organizations find that it is easiest to simply cross train existing

Hire for similar skills- for example, some organizations fill entry level marketing analytics roles with recent accounting graduates under the understanding that anyone capable of giving a critical eye to a balance sheet can be quickly brought up to speed on web metrics and data driven marketing.

Hire a team – some recommend hiring teams of people with multiple, overlapping talent in marketing, analytics, databases, devops, integrations, brand storytelling, and the customer journey.  Of course, this can sometime cause staff bloat and extra expense. Adding extra capacity can tax even the biggest budget.  

Creating a fractional marketing unicorn by combining a group of freelancers or small agencies into the ideal FTE – in short, create your own unicorn with creative job sharing and project management. For example, Macon Raine offers clients a “build your own marketing unicorn” package that include a variable number of hours each month for four or five experts – a webdev, graphic designer, copywriter, CRM specialist and marketing automation expert all coordinated by a project manager/account lead.  

In each scenario, the biggest caution is not the current skill sets possessed by each member of the team, it is the future skill set required – in other words is the team capable of adapting rapidly to the changing marketing landscape?

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