Social media strategies for companies with nothing to say

There is no such thing as an industry or company with nothing to say. Sure, craft beer companies seem trendier than insurance but that doesn’t mean you should be boring or say nothing on your social media accounts.

Every business no matter how exciting or boring has a story. If you really believe you don’t have a story then you shouldn’t be on social media because as the name suggests it is all about social. So, try these social media content strategies to help you jumpstart your engagement.


Social media is like dating; no one gets a second date if you only talk about yourself on the first one. I get it; it’s easy to blog about what you do because you are the expert. However, when you’re trying to engage an audience (especially on social media), you need to balance your messaging.

What does this mean?

Include messages and blogs about your company’s mission and how your product can help but also think of your ideal customer and create content around them. Who are they? What are they interested in? What else are they doing with their time? Take a look at Zendesk, a customer service software company, they use their blog to talk about how their products can help but they also include topics for their ideal customer, like AI (artificial intelligence) and team management.


Infuse your social media and content with your personality or your company’s persona, rather than writing in industry jargon or robotic. How do you write with personality? Try these:

  1. Use analogies (like sports or whatever you’re into)
  2. Bring in pop culture (remember to keep your ideal customer in mind so the references match what they will relate to)
  3. Incorporate humor (keep it appropriate for your business, like Charmin can use the stories from the hashtag #TweetFromTheSeat but chances are your business shouldn’t go there)

When you bring personality to your social media content and brand storytelling, it allows your audience to connect with your business on a human level. Plus, when you talk like a real “personable” person, you can make any subject on earth seem interesting.


Now, you might be asking yourself what does empathy have to do with my corporate social media strategy? Great question, but before we start, it is important to note being empathetic doesn’t mean you tell someone how to feel but you let them know you understand how they feel.

Social media content that includes our feelings, thoughts, and/or experiences has the ability to connect with your customers faster because it helps eliminates any uncertainty the reader might have prior.

This means businesses that claim to be in boring industries, like Oranje a commercial cleaning company, can use empathy to create compelling content. Oranje is fully aware janitorial work is not sexy and it shows through their empathic content, which proves they understand how challenging and time-consuming find the right cleaning company.

Bottom line: Boring businesses can shine.

5 Social Media Hacks if Your Company is Just Average

Don’t freak out but Facebook changed their algorithm, again. But this time, it is going to hit companies, especially small or average-sized, hard. Instead of weighing whether social media is worth your company’s time see this as an opportunity to utilize Facebook features that you may have overlooked, dive into video and/or expand to other social media platforms.

Facebook Groups

Bypass the Facebook feed and connect with your audience by creating a Facebook Groups and inviting your followers. See, when you post to your group, Facebook will notify your members to check it out. This can lead to an increase in traffic and engagement to your page. Another hack within Groups is you can choose the privacy i.e. open or closed. While this might not seem like a hack but more like a no-brainer to have an open group it is important to note your page can have more than one group. This approach can lead to not only high engagement but also valuable feedback for your company. For example, if you have a product, you may want a secret customer group to send out service/maintenance/product updates or even as market research on how you can improve or grow.  


If you haven’t heard videos get a higher engagement rate than written content, which makes sense, we live in an on-the-go society and have very little downtime to read. Plus, it is easier and faster for people to understand your product and/or company through a video than read about it. But what do you do if you don’t have a huge budget to hire professionals or don’t have the creative skills to edit and shoot a video on your own, enter YouTube. A few years ago, they developed an app to help smaller businesses create their own videos called YouTube Director App. This app is the ultimate guide to help you DIY your videos, from directing to editing.

Facebook Live

If you are more comfortable with creating videos, then you should try Facebook Live. Use it to demo a new product, make an important company announcement, like a new partnership, or give your audience a behind the scenes look. This technique will send a Facebook notification to your followers inviting them to join your live video, which can lead to high engagement rates. Just a few things to remember before going live, practice prior, use your business manager insights to find the optimal time to go live (i.e. the hour most your followers are active on Facebook which might not fall in normal business hours) and engage with the viewers by asking/answering questions.   

Try a new platform:

Facebook is crowded since everyone is on it but have you thought of how you could use Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram for your company. It may not be that far fetch as you first think. Transamerica, a financial company, they have a Pinterest account and use it to connect with consumers in a fun and relatable way. Instead of pushing their product, they create boards and messages that people can use, from budget hacks to wedding planning to retirement preparedness. They even throw in contests to keep engagement and pinning high.

Customize your post for each social media platform

Finally, this may not seem like a hack since you probably read it before BUT customizing every post for each platform is incredibly important. Besides looking out of place on social media, you will not build a larger audience or achieve high engagement rates if you don’t tweak your message for each platform. So, you don’t want to post a pop culture meme or behind the scenes photos on your LinkedIn since that platform is specific for business/industry news. Nor do you want to use Instagram to announce company news since that platform is specific for visual communication and messages.