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Simple Stupid Marketing Tip #2 – Be Everywhere

Simple stupid marketing tip #2 is “be everywhere” and it relates more to personal branding and selling than it does to “Marketing” with a capital M.

If you have a new website and want more people to find you when they search online, it’s easy to create social media profiles on more than just LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. To get started, set-up profiles on Google+, YouTube, Quora,, and any other social media website you can find.

If you use WordPress for your website, check out NextScripts – this plugin automates the task of cross-posting to all your social profiles. There is a free version that works just fine – the paid version allows multiple social media accounts (post to multiple Linkedin accounts, for example).

Anytime you post new content, it automatically gets posted to all the social media sites you specify.

It’s simple, no (or extremely low) cost and easy to do.

Even better, you don’t need to be 100% active on these sites to benefit – at a bare minimum, your profile should be enough. Later, when you get more time, you can participate on these sites to realize even more benefit.

Again, this isn’t rocket surgery.

If you can generate one additional lead per year, it pays for itself.

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