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Pay for performance landing page optimization agency guarantees success

CHICAGO, JANUARY 22, 2015 – Macon Raine, a Chicago-based marketing firm, announced the launch of the 10PercentAgency, a new division providing pay for performance landing page conversion optimization. Taking a unique approach to the marketing agency business model, the 10PercentAgency helps clients increase conversion on a single landing page by 10 percent or more. Clients don’t pay until the 10 percent conversion improvement is achieved.

“We’re fixing the one thing that matters most to advertisers – making it easier to acquire additional new customers,” said Ashley Poynter, product manager for the 10PercentAgency and director of operations of Macon Raine. “Success is really about consistent incremental improvements. That’s what we’re doing – putting skin in the game and helping companies iterate and improve landing page performance.”

According to Poynter, the best way to prove ROI for the unique business model is through an actual demonstration of capabilities. For this reason, the 10PercentAgency provides services at no cost until landing page conversion is improved by 10 percent on a single landing page. “We’ll work on a page for as long as it takes to prove the value of our services,” said Poynter.

According to Vince Mazza, founder of Guard Street, developers of the privacy protection kit, “normally, with online advertising, if you target the right customer and double your budget, you get 2 times as many customers and your cost of acquisition stays the same. While this is predictable, it really is not an efficient way of improving our ROI. With the 10PercentAgency, our investment in landing page optimization allowed us to reduce our cost of acquisition and our total spend, which is a great thing!”


The 10PercentAgency is a service operated by Macon Raine, Inc., is a Chicago-based marketing firm. Offering a unique approach to the traditional marketing agency business model, the 10PercentAgency helps advertisers increase their landing page conversion rates by at least 10 percent. Clients do not pay until the 10 percent conversion rate improvement is achieved. To learn more, visit: