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How often should you clean your CRM data in

We recently launched a new service called CleanMyCRM. We started the service at the request of customers who needed a smarter way to research incomplete CRM data contact records – especially the names of new people working in their named key accounts. Append services are expensive and they were looking for ways to clean smaller batches (1000 records).

We’ve always preached that clean CRM is a journey – not a destination. It is an ongoing process. Cliff Langston likens cleaning the CRM to painting the Golden Gate bridge. “What do you do when you are done? Start over at the beginning.”

Getting started cleaning your CRM is not really that difficult. You can reduce your stale data and your data cleaning costs by following a few simple steps:

1) Someone should own the project. Your CRM administrator, your marketing manager, your sales admin. It doesn’t matter who owns it as long as someone owns it and is measured and evaluated based on the completeness and accuracy of the database.

2) Prevent bad data at the source. When you standardize data entry formats and enforce completion of critical fields, you eliminate a large part of the problem before it even begins.

3) Link customer self-service features to your CRM data. When customers maintain their contact information for you, you capture better data and maintain better data with little cost.

4) Use third parties to validate your data a couple of times a year.  A regular schedule of data validation and augmentation prevents data from getting stale.

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