For Parents: Tools to Help Monitor and Protect Your Kids On Social Network Sites

Recently, Nicole Klinkhamer was interviewed on radio Y98 St. Louis about cyber bullying for – a social media monitoring tool for parents.

As parents, keeping up with what your kids are doing, saying and posting online can be tough. Social media trends and websites are rapidly evolving, and many parents simply don’t have the time or know-how to constantly check up on kids’ Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter accounts.

Open communication is crucial to protecting your children from potential Internet dangers like cyber bullying and online sexual predators. Talk to your kids often about what they are posting on Facebook, new online “friends” and “followers,” and the consequences of inappropriate behavior on the Web.

Just as safety belt use has become common practice in protecting kids on the road, TrueCare helps parents adapt to the new digital world by protecting kids online.

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