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Account Based Marketing

One of our sweet-spots is high-tempo, iterative, and high-touch account-based marketing campaigns that leverage hyper-customization, killer offers, PR, direct mail, social media, community and direct prospect contact with phone, email and voicemail – managed, monitored and measured with your existing CRM and marketing automation systems.

With long sales cycles and complex product offerings, account-based selling models and ABM campaigns depend on the complete alignment between marketing and sales organizations.

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When properly aligned, tactical marketing tracks alongside defined sales goals. Feedback from sales is used to feed adaptation of the account based marketing execution. You can learn more about our account-based marketing approach here.

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Before you can be successful with inbound, content marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, analytics, email, search, social media, or native advertising, you need to fix your CRM data. Unless you know your prospects’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers, it is impossible to sell or market to them. Without clean data, long, complex sales cycles simply cannot be supported.

Macon Raine’s 6-step strategic CRM account-based marketing approach is centered around this very concept of putting people and accurate CRM records first.

Like you, our goal as a people-first CRM marketing agency is to deepen your relationship with your customers. The only way to accomplish this is by starting with quality data in the CRM. Once good data is in place, it becomes possible to align marketing and sales efforts, focus less on lead-centric marketing, and deliver consistent messages to the decision-makers and influencers that matter most.

Navigate the 6 stages of Account-Based Marketing, Selling and CRM strategy:


STAGE 2: CONTACT PLAN – The Importance of Named Account Selling

STAGE 3: METRICS  – Measuring Performance of Account Based Marketing Tactics

STAGE 4: CHANNELS AND TACTICS – Sales and Marketing Alignment

STAGE 5: TECH AUDIT – get your technology right to do account-based marketing right

STAGE 6: EXECUTE AND OPTIMIZE – wash, rinse, repeat

Ready To Find New Customers?

If you need help with a B2B account based marketing strategy, generating leads, solving problems, realizing opportunities, improving results, filling a resource gap, or any other revenue-producing initiative — and you want a team that knows your industry, talk to us. We’ve worked in every part of the marketing and revenue pipeline and have completed hundreds of projects in technology, life science, higher education and financial services.

If you’re ready to get something done, schedule a working session. As one of the top account-based marketing agencies in the midwest, we’ll review your challenges, capabilities, technologies, past results and budgets. When we’re done, we’ll roll everything up into an execution and resource plan. No charge. No fine print.