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Free Marketing Tools & Resources

You need marketing templates, tools, and resources, and we have plenty to offer.

B2B Web Content Audit Template

Is your web content a mess? You don’t know where things are or if they’re up to date? Our new B2B Web Content Audit is an excellent tool to help you organize your B2B content development efforts and content strategy to know exactly what each piece needs.

B2B Lead Gen Prioritization Template

Want to quickly evaluate your lead generation initiatives? Worry no more, Macon Raine’s B2B Lead Generation Prioritization grid is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to organize and quickly evaluate your lead generation initiatives.

B2B Blogging Metrics Dashboard

Your boss asks for a report on your blogging metrics, but where do you start? Macon Raine’s B2B Blogging Metrics Dashboard is the perfect solution to your problem.

B2B Marketing Budget Template

It can be difficult to track marketing spend. This B2B Marketing Budget Template tries to simplify the budgeting process. This Microsoft Excel document helps you to see the actual vs. budget, spend summary and category breakdown.

B2B Market Segmentation and Analysis Tool

When you have limited resources, it’s impossible to go after all possible market opportunities. So you have to choose, but how will you make the best choices?

B2B Project Management Tool

Keep your department organized for managing tasks and projects with this marketing template. Our B2B Project Management Tool allows you to track projects, assign ownership, show the scope and give the budget.

B2B CRM Segmentation Plan for Professional Services Firms

This document describes a “simple, stupid” method for getting CRM up and running quickly, with a minimum of customization. This makes it easy and efficient to get your CRM project up and running faster.

B2B White Paper Template

Getting ready to write a white paper and need a template to get started?  This Microsoft Word document is an excellent foundation for creating a B2B white paper.

B2B Marketing Automation Metrics Dashboard

When you need to show results for your strategic marketing automation program, it is important to follow an easy-to-read format to organize your company’s automation metrics.

B2B Marketing Department Assessment

When you have to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing department, look no further than this B2B Marketing Department Assessment to help you evaluate your marketing department, and see if your organization retains or gains ‘world-class’ status.

B2B Website Project Charter Template

Trying to move forward with a website redesign initiative can be a headache. Our B2B Website Project Charter Template creates an easy and effective document to keep all aspects of a redesign organized.

B2B Marketing Agency Evaluation

Is it time to assess the fit of your marketing agency for your business? Are you wondering about the quality of their marketing strategy and tactics? Are you just in need of a good marketing agency evaluation?

B2B Modern Marketing Capabilities Assessment

Do you want to understand what your marketing team is capable of and discover areas where they can improve? Request a copy of the B2B Modern Marketing Capabilities Assessment marketing template.

We know your industry. We know where your decision makers spend time. We know how to reach them. Let us help you achieve your marketing goals.