Macon Raine is a B2B marketing agency focused on finding you new revenue.

From development of buyer personas to CRM segmentation, the Macon Raine team does more than just graphic design and copywriting.

We provide our clients with marketing automation excellence, marketing execution and a result everyone knows how to measure: more new customers. We do it with smart marketing that finds the shortest and quickest path to new revenue.

Our engagements are simple.

We start with an analysis of your current strategy and an 80/20 prioritization of action items that produce maximum new margin in the shortest amount of time.

We’ll work with you to determine project scope, workflow, individual responsibilities, measurement metrics, and project leadership at all levels. We’ll even help you scale or reduce resources as the project’s lifecycle evolves.

We flex and stretch and adapt according to your unique requirements. From on-target creative, recurring marketing execution, free marketing automation software, CRM scrubbing, database hygiene, media relations, social media management, executive marketing leadership and high volume content production to technology assistance (CRM, marketing automation and marketing project management), we do whatever is necessary to deliver the one result that matters most: more new customers. 


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