Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

You hired a big agency with a strong track record and a robust portfolio.

Their presentation gave you the warm fuzzies. Their senior strategists were spot on. You hire them. You teach them your business. Six months later, you can’t ignore your gut. Something isn’t right. Your account team was rotated. You’re back to square one training a new team.

 Where do you turn from here?

You want something different, you want an on-demand team of expert B2B marketers that approaches every project with a level of energy and passion that you’d come to expect from an agile and specialized team. We are all Google Certified for Adwords, and Analytics, everyone has Inbound Marketing Certifications, everyone knows content, SEO and PPC. There is no extra level of account management here – only expert contributors. Every project is an opportunity to work strategically with someone that excels at what they do. And you win because of it.

Ready to meet the team?

ben bradley - fractional marketing team - b2b marketing agency - Macon Raine
email Ben Bradley Strategist, Content, CRM and Marketing
Marketing Automation
Content Strategy
"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - Patton
amanda cook - B2B fractional marketing team
email Amanda Cook Graphic and Web Design
Adobe Creative Cloud
UI/UX and usability
Rapid mock-ups and landing pages
Let's put our energy into making things that people like and want to use.
anne tuisl - B2B fractional marketing team
email Anne Tuisl Director of Account Management
Project Management
Event Management
Channel Strategy
Please get out of my way, we need to hit this deadline.
Amy Sanders - Director of Marketing Operations - B2B fractional marketing team
email Amy Sanders Director of Marketing Operations
Marketing Automation
Google Analytics
Have you considered doing it slightly differently? I have an idea that should save money.
B2B fractional marketing team
email Tom Fecarotta Senior Content Strategist
Content Development
Keyword Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so." - Galileo
Macon Raine b2b marketing agency web design and develpment
email Jeremy Vossman Web Development and UI/UX
Content Management Systems
Rapid Prototypes
Making Tech Easy
Really? You agreed to that? What the hell? We need to charge way more.
Tonia - B2B fractional marketing team
email Tonia Becker Senior Marketing Strategist
Content Strategy & Development
Influencer Relations
Content Syndication
I've got some great news. Impressions and clicks are way up!
Fractional marketing team - Chicago
email June Norris Office Manager
Project Management
You really need to get your time in on time if you want to get paid. I've told you this 100 times.
Fractional marketing - B2B marketing agency
email Honeyleen Llavore Data Team Lead
Researching Leads
Cleaning CRM
Key Account Research
"Data is useful. High-quality, well-understood, auditable data is priceless." – Ted Friedman
fractional marketing - Nicki Burke
email Nicki Burke Event Management
Event Management
Inbound Marketing
Executive Meeting Support
Let's focus on doubling the conversion rate. It's cheaper than doubling traffic.