Need more B2B leads? Try a Rain Dance

94% of all small businesses in the U.S. use social media for lead generation. Is this time productive? Are they getting enough B2B leads? Social media and lead generation is hard work  Most small businesses owners spend more than an hour a day on social media marketing – finding or creating the right content to post […]

Simple Stupid Marketing Tip #3 – Our Eyes Met From Across The Room

The “our eyes met from across the room” simple stupid marketing tip depends on a Chrome or Firefox Plugin called Before you read further, install the free 15 day trial. Now. After you’ve installed AutoPilot, run a search in LinkedIn (for instance, title includes keyword “director”, who are 2nd level connections, who work within 100 miles […]

Simple Stupid Marketing Tip #2 – Be Everywhere

Simple stupid marketing tip #2 is “be everywhere” and it relates more to personal branding and selling than it does to “Marketing” with a capital M. If you have a new website and want more people to find you when they search online, it’s easy to create social media profiles on more than just LinkedIn, Twitter […]

Simple Stupid Marketing Tip 1 – Use Your Email Signature to Get More Leads

The first tip is a no brainer and it is all about lead generation using your email signature. Be smart with your email signature file – every outgoing email from your company (not just you, include all your executives, your sales people, customer service and marketing) should include a clear call to action. I include […]