How to build a fractional marketing team – B2B marketing agency

One of the biggest mistakes a company makes is thinking they can either hire a marketer or hire an agency. A third option is a hybrid approach – building the equivalent of a marketer by combining the talents of multiple experts into a FTE equivalent. Before diving into the many reasons why a company would […]

Can’t find a unicorn? Try fractional marketing talent

Need a full-stack marketer but having trouble finding one? Consider job sharing — splitting the role into several part-time jobs with fractional marketing talent or a small agency that specializes in delivering the exact skill sets you need (see our recent article: full-stack marketing unicorns found in small, agile agencies). The secret to success When […]

Marketing Unicorns Found in Small Full Stack Agencies

Our culture’s obsession with unicorns is nothing new. These mythical animals were implanted in European lore ages ago, and people have laid claim to their magical powers for centuries. Today, spotting a unicorn is about finding something extremely rare. A startup that gets a billion dollar valuation? It’s in the “unicorn club”. Found the perfect […]

How to hire a marketing unicorn

Trying to hire a marketing unicorn? Looking for that double or triple threat marketer? Someone with marketing, technology and analytic skills? We’re looking for that same person, too. Finding a marketing unicorn is hard – those disparate skills in a single person are in short supply. And, new technology is introduced every day – so finding someone current […]

Fractional Marketing Unicorn Case Study

Property Preservation Company Uses Fractional Marketing Unicorn To Grow from $3M to $15M in Three Years When the CEO of a Chicago-based, property preservation Company wanted to grow his business, enter new markets and accelerate the sales funnel, he first started looking for a unicorn – a marketing manager good at everything – CRM, marketing […]