How to Make Seeing Your Blog’s Metrics Easier

Do you ever panic a little when your boss asks to see a TPS report ASAP? Trust me, we’ve all been there. It starts off as a great day with your coffee and a bagel, everything grinds to a halt when she says: “Can I have the latest report on our blog?” She asks. “I would love […]

Social Media Risk: Weiner problems, #AshleyMadisonhack and your stock price

Social media risk and the impact of executive stupidity on social media It was bound to happen. The self proclaimed “cheating” website,, recently confirmed that as many as 37 million customers had their account information stolen from the site. The stolen data is said to include sexual fantasies and preferences, explicit photos, names,  and […]

Sales/Marketing Measurement Model

Linking marketing and sales to buying activity requires reinvention of the sales process as well as process improvement. The traditional model of marketing handing leads off to sales is being replaced by the idea that both organizations jointly own prospect relationships and coordinate activities to nurture and migrate the prospect forward in the decision cycle.  […]

How to sell social media to your boss

We’ve recently authored a slide deck titled: Social Media Executive Briefing: how to sell social media to your boss. More than any technology, the greatest barrier to social media adoption is often cultural.  The deck outlines a change-management process for introducting late adopters in your company to the benefits of social media. This slide deck is […]

Where does social media fit?

Where does social marketing fit? Social media is one small piece of your overall marketing mix. For that reason, it is hard to talk about social media without the context of the rest of your marketing program. The best social media strategy? Researching your targets, comparing your targets against the demographics of the various social […]

Media, public and influencer relations

Our approach to media relations is to exert the same level of energy cultivating relationships with key influencers that you would spend cultivating a customer relationship. Our years of experience as media relations counselors ensure that our clients’ marketing messages effectively reach key stakeholders in order to educate the appropriate targets about your products and services. […]

Social media in the enterprise – get IT involved

What are the technology and management issues that slow enterprise adoption of web 2.0 applications? The basic idea driving Web 2.0 is putting power into the hands of the user and watching fantastic, unexpected things happen. But in the same way that Excel macros and data silos proliferated throughout the organization, IT enthusiasm for mashups […]