Information products – the value-added paper cup and activity-based billing

In his book Business Agility, Michael Hugos says: Opportunities to make money by being responsive have exploded. There are far more ways to use responsiveness to attract customers than there are ways to use efficiency and low prices. This is because there are so many different kinds of customers, and each is looking for slightly […]

Product Differentiation with Win Win Pricing

Using marketing and pricing to create meaningful product differentiation separates you from competitors and allows you to command price premiums. With whole product thinking, one strategy should be the elimination of bad discounts. Product differentiation is possible with win/win pricing. Discounts should never lead to a loss of margin. Instead, discounts should reward customers for activities […]

When higher education and economics collide

by Robert van der Hooning In the movie, Armageddon, there’s some over-the-top dialogue between an unlikely but entertaining duo, Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Willis, who team up to save the planet from an asteroid named Dottie: “Well, it’s coming, right now, right for us, at 22 thousand miles an hour.  Not a soul on Earth […]

SharePoint for Marketing Project Management

I met Dux Raymond Sy a year or two ago while doing some work for Bamboo Solutions. Dux is an expert in leveraging technology to enhance project management. He is the author of SharePoint for Project Management.   What is SharePoint? For those of you living in a cave, SharePoint allows individuals within an organization […]