Free Marketing Automation Software

Evaluating marketing automation software? If you are evaluating marketing automation and don’t have the staff or the time to do it right, we can help, and save you money with free marketing automation software (a value of $800/month) when you become a Macon Raine content marketing client. Avoid expensive monthly license fees Develop killer content faster Promote content […]

How to build a rain machine with marketing automation and content

Demand Creation: How to Build a Rain Machine To make it rain, build a rain machine.  A rain machine is a scalable demand creation process that helps your customers buy intelligently. Request our paper and learn the benefits of making your marketing buyer-centric and inherently interesting.

B2B Lead Generation Prioritization Tool

Want to quickly evaluate your lead generation initiatives? Worry no more, Macon Raine’s B2B Lead Generation Prioritization grid is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to organize and quickly evaluate your lead generation initiatives. With this Microsoft Excel document, you can rank each lead generation initiative based on different criteria. You can rank projects and then see a bubble matrix […]

B2B Blogging Metrics Dashboard

B2B Blogging Metrics Dashboard – Are your content marketing efforts paying off? Your boss asks for a report on your blogging metrics, but where do you start? Macon Raine’s B2B Blogging Metrics Dashboard is the perfect solution to your problem. With this Microsoft Excel document, analyzing your blog’s impact and growth is easier than ever. The […]

B2B Marketing Budget Template

It can be difficult to track marketing spend. This B2B Marketing Budget Template tries to simplify the budgeting process. This Microsoft Excel document helps you to see the actual vs. budget, spend summary and category breakdown. Your budget can be easily seen and managed by everyone, so no more wondering how much money is left. Now […]

B2B Market Segmentation and Analysis Tool

When you have limited resources, it’s impossible to go after all possible market opportunities. So you have to choose, but how will you make the best choices? Macon Raine’s B2B Market Segmentation & Analysis Tool provides a useful way to identify the (and most profitable) market segmentation opportunities. Use this handy XLS document see and […]

B2B Project Management Tool

Do you need to keep your department organized by managing tasks and projects more effectively? Our B2B Project Management Tool allows you to track projects, assign ownership, show the scope and give the budget. This Microsoft Excel document is an excellent tool for keeping a summary of each piece of a project. Easily find account information, […]

B2B CRM Segmentation Plan for Professional Services Firms

For professional services firms, this presentation explains a simple CRM segmentation model.   This document describes a “simple, stupid” method for getting CRM up and running quickly, with a minimum of customization. This makes it easy and efficient to get your CRM project up and running faster. Request a copy and start generating more revenue today!