Content Reuse Strategies for B2B Marketing Departments

When we talk to marketing departments about inbound marketing, content marketing and why HubSpot (or any marketing automation tool) doesn’t work , we generally hear three things… We are understaffed – If you’re engaging in content marketing to demonstrate expertise and give your brand a voice, you need to make sure you’ve got the people capable […]

Marketing Automation ROI

Are you getting marketing automation ROI? So you’re in marketing. In simple terms, you’re a cog in the wheel responsible for driving new revenue. In aspirational terms, you help grow the business in a meaningful and quantifiable way. Either way, your success – or failure – is highly measurable. Everything is measurable these days, but […]

The content marketing agency and warm dead chicken

…and make no mistake, no matter what you do, no matter what you sell, your company is more than warm dead chicken. Good companies are often run by smart people – people who dig for the facts, who base decisions on solid intelligence, who were good students passionate about learning. Unfortunately, not everyone fits that profile. If B2B […]

It’s all writing – the importance of great writing

The marketing, the sales work, the strategizing, even the execution — it’s all writing. OK, it may not be all about the “writing,” but rather about the idea and the concept.   But that is still about great content and great writing. Because if you can’t write it down succinctly and impact-fully, then you are […]

Macon Raine welcomes B2B media relations veteran Andrea Schnorr to the team

With more than 15 years of B2B media relations experience, Andrea specializes in providing strategic direction, messaging & positioning implementing & executing media relations programs and writing content. Throughout her career, Andrea has developed and implemented successful communications programs for a number of high-profile companies including Dow Chemical Company, Molex Incorporated and Rogers Corporation. She has established relationships […]

Open position – Marketing Content Specialist

Open position: Marketing Content Specialist Macon Raine is a growing b2b marketing agency. We’re still small and every new hire matters. We’re looking for someone that can do it all – an organized and energetic writer with a passion for b2b, inbound marketing, web research, content development and a knack for social media. We don’t do toothpaste, […]

Advice for marketing job hunters – content is everything

Over the past few months, we’ve been interviewing like crazy looking for the purple squirrel with content marketing skills – this includes social media, PR, SEO and marketing automation skills. If you’re not already familiar with the term, content marketing is the process of generating high-quality online content with the goal of building trust among your brand’s target […]

Make the first move & build trust with partners

Every month Stan Kania, founder of Software-Link, a Sage Software VAR, gets a call from one or two new ERP or CRM vendors. “We have a good reputation. Other ERP and CRM vendors want us to sell their products,” said Kania. “But by staying loyal to the Sage family, we receive a high percentage of […]